K9 Solutions Center offers private narcotics detection dogs for residential, commercial, and industrial locations, as well as schools and public spaces. We routinely perform searches from small residential to large commercial buildings for any contraband including explosives, As well as our experienced executive protection services.

K9 Solutions Center offers highly trained drug and bomb dogs for hire. We also offer a contraband dog, which combines narcotics detection, some explosives, weapons and certain prescriptions commonly abused. Our handlers all hold a National Certification through drug beat, and have to re-certify every two years.

We utilize the most recent methods in our drug dog training. Very few private drug inspection K9 services offer the national certification and the experience of our handlers. Our company has over 55 years of combined experience with our primary handlers.

Our handlers offer on site field testing of substances found. This will help eliminate the unknown of a substance found. We currently use the Valtox testing system.

The Process

• Contact us to discuss your individual needs, concerns, and issues you wish to address.
• Arrange a time to talk further or meet with all interested parties to work through your needs.
• K9 Solutions Center can prepare and provide you with a detailed proposal.
• Implement your program.
-Policy and procedure formation
-Staff training and education
-Review of drug policy and employee assistance program (EAP).
-Arrange counseling through medical professionals or voluntary organizations.
-Analysis of substances if required.
• K9 Solutions Center will test and deal with any substance found in a confidential manner.
• Prior to the handlers departure, you will receive a complete search report.

Our response teams respond in discreet vehicles, and are always dressed in a professional but discreet uniform.