commercial-drug-sweepsWhy should you care about having a DRUG-FREE workplace?

Substance Abuse in the workplace is Expensive and Dangerous!

Many business owners and managers are aware that drugs are present in the workplace, and that drug related problems undermine the business, but they don't know how to safely manage the problem.

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Substance abuse results in employees that:

power plant drug bomb searchAmerica is 5% of the world's population, yet consumes 65% of the world's illegal drugs. (D.E.A.)
65% of all work related accidents are the direct result of substance abuse. (O.S.H.A.)
Nearly 65% of people entering the workplace have used drugs. 44% have used them in the past year. (N.I.D.A.)
70% of drug users are employed and 35% of all cocaine users sell drugs to coworkers to support their own habit. (D.E.A.)
Are a third less productive
Are five times more likely to file a Worker's Compensation claim
Represent 14 of every 100 American employees
Request to leave work early or just"take off" early.


Substance abusers incur 300% higher medical costs than non-using employees.
25% of substance abusers steal from their employer.

Substance abusers are:

(According to the American Council for Drug Education)

3.6 times more likely to be in a job related accident
3 times more likely to be late
10 times more likely to miss work

First and foremost, our services are offered with complete discretion and confidentiality.

We have detector dogs that locate illegal drugs or firearms within or around your premises. If the possible presence of any contraband is indicated by our dogs, our personnel do not perform any search, but rather your company personnel perform the search and determine what action, if any, is to be taken with the results of the search.

We are capable of testing, on the spot, any unknown substances suspected of being illegal drugs.

We offer drug awareness information and seminars.

We work together with management and the workforce to provide a safer and more productive workplace. Our services benefit employees as well as employers.

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A drug-free workplace helps:

Lower production costs
Lower medical costs
Decrease absenteeism
Reduce Workmen's Compensation claims
Reduce waste and theft
Obtain greater profits

Employees can be safe from the eroded performance and the dangers resulting from the influence of drug controlled co-workers. Keeps the support of dedicated employees who attempt to do the job right and who attempt to give an honest day's labor for an honest day's pay. Employees enjoy higher levels of morale, You are required by federal law

Federal Drug-Free Workplace Act requires contractors and grantees to maintain a drug-free workplace.

Publish a Drug-Free Workplace statement and policy
Establish an ongoing awareness program for employees
Require employees to inform employer of drug conviction
Require employer to inform Fed. agency of conviction
Require corrective actions for convicted employee

The DOT Regulations of 1991 require employers with commercial motor vehicles engaged in transportation to implement drug free workplace programs which do the following:

Pre-employment screening
Random testing
Reasonable suspicion testing
Post accident testing
Follow-up testing

And if that's not reason enough, check information and statistics from the United States Department of Labor at