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K9 Solutions Center only sells top quality, hand selected dogs that we would work ourselves.

K9 Solutions Center’s Trainer, Jeff Turner, has many years of experience with service dogs including arson detection dogs, narcotic detection dogs, and dual purpose police service dogs. Jeff has also successfully created new K9 units for Police Departments, and assisted in the implementation of K9 units, as well as providing continuing and maintenance training. K9 Solutions Center sets a standard for training, which raises the quality of our dogs above most others.

K9 Solutions Center specializes in providing the most effective and reliable drug detector dogs available. Selection, training and certification standards for our detector dogs are uncompromising. The result is a high energy, self motivated detector dog that is capable of working longer, more efficiently and more reliably than “mass produced” dogs that are pushed through a rushed course using large quantity scent plants to stimulate their “hit” indication response.

Due to the fact we are not a huge training facility, and we do not have the overhead cost that the “mass produced” training centers have, we are usually able to provide a fully trained service dog at a far less cost than the others.We do not hold large classes, we spread them out, and most times the handler classes are less than 6 students. This allows each student to get much more “hands on” time, and more training for your money.If we ran a large class, it would simply be impossible to get each handler the training time they need.means you will not be sitting in a fancy classroom, you will be out tracking, working hides, etc.We offer very individualized training, andshould expect to work hard and long hours in your handler class.We make the training fun, but at thetime you will be expected to perform at a higher standard.

Course Elements

• Detector training: narcotics, explosives, or accelerants
• Tracking: police style or scent association
• Area, building and article searches
• Handler protection
• Apprehension
• Obedience
• Recordkeeping and court testimony
• K9 care and first aid
• Ohio case law
• K9 tactics and officer safety
• PR and demo tips
• Proper deployment

K9 Solutions Center also offers a FREE 1 week refresher course each year, for the life of the K9 team. We also stand behind our training, and will assist the K9 team after you return to your department. We are always a phone call away, 24 hours a day. We have also in the past returned to the department, and assisted with the program. We will make sure your team is trained for success.