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Cadaver Dogs

A dog’s sense of smell is approximately 1000-10,000 times better than a human’s. A dog’s ability to track a scent is more than just a function but the ability to distinguish scents, and concentration is the real trick. A dog’s hearing is also superior to a human’s. Dogs can detect high-pitched sounds well above the human hearing range. It is these abilities which make dogs exceptional at search and rescue operations. K9 Solutions Center and the Canine Emergency Response Association host numerous Bloodhound Training Seminars each year. Our seminars will address each team, and focus on pushing each team to the next level. We invite teams off all levels, civilian and Law Enforcement.

K9 Solutions Center offers a full range of Search & Rescue dogs. Our dogs are trained to meet N.A.S.A.R. certification standards. We offer tracking, area search, article search, and cadaver trained dogs. We are currently still working on our “water odor machine” which expels cadaver odor underwater. Until this item is complete and tested, we are limited on underwater cadaver. Other than underwater cadaver, we are fully equipped to train all search and rescue dogs. We are also the sponsor of the Canine Emergency Response Association. If you are looking to get into Search & Rescue, we can offer you a highly trained dog, and membership to American Working Dog Council., for the actual use after your dog is trained. You can visit the site at, or email us for details.

Due to high demand, we are trying to keep one or two trained SAR’s dogs on hand for purchase. These dogs are sold with a national certification, and a handler course is required. Please feel free to contact us for more details.